Wednesday, January 08, 2014

hey babe its already the fourth day you're away and i can feel the lost. although I know its temporary, it kinda affect me. I've been a good girl here, I went for my appointment and stayed home to keep safe as how you wanted. I miss how you checked on me even when you cant company me as you have your duties in camp. I miss having you around, miss how you made me smile miss how i laugh over your jokes, miss how you tell me that you love me. your long kisses on my forehead babe. counting the days you're are back in my arms.

I love you that much. x

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Celebrated the two most important day in my life w the boy.
A little bit too late but happy new year,this is my second time celebrating new year with you and i'm hoping to many more years inshalla amin.

The boy has to go brunei for 3 wks or less,send him to the airprt and glad that he touch down in brunei safely. Well we were suppposed to be uncontactabe but he will always find his ways thts how mucb love I see in him. I almost lost it when he bid his goodbye at the gate to assemble where he'll leave me and his family. I cant get my eyes over him as he went off. But all i wanted was for him to touchdown safely there and back here in sg. and the whole of him back when he comes home. Quite worried for his leg actually but he's still going for the team. Hoping that he will be fine down there.

Moving on I am one proud girlfriend that my boyfriend got ranked up from normal recruit to Lance corporal (LCP) and finally to Corparal (CPL). I'm none other than a proud girlf because i always have faith in you and you are one smartboy.

I will pray for a safe return and will wait for you love,X

This is probably the first post for 2014.
2013 have ended with a blink of an eye, I still can't believe that a year has passed on.
I lose, I gain I survived I cope w my fears. few things have happened to me that made me realise how important one life and safety is. Not to mention, an accident happened to me late of 2013 30th of october. 

My all time fav bestfriends, I couldnt find any friends as true as them. I wish that if they happen to read this, they'll know how much they really mean to me. Always got my back for sure,wherever I am. As mentioned, i was warded and they were the ones who showed so much concern and hoping for my fast recovery. Too dearly for me to even get my hands typing here. Thanks for companying me shower for being a total sweetheart while I wsa in there. For the cards to the bear to the ballon to the flower and lastly for their prayers. Again, I couldn't find any friends who's true enough all this years. Love you three more than anything.

He is the most important person throughout my stay my operation in the hospital.
And the first person in my mind.
He was also the one who gathered and settle about the people who came to visit.
But most importantly he was the one who I needed most. I did my best in the operation room because you ensure me i'll be alright, you send me off to the opertion room while i laid off  getting pushed to do my operation. You waited 8 hours, you make your way to the hospital even when you are not allowed to do that. You fought for me with your incharge sargent and all the above ranks in camp so that you'll be able to make your way down for me. You are by far the most amazing person i've met.

Thank you for visiting me before you book in to camp staying with me the whole time you could even when you have to travel to and fro having lack of rest.


Thank you for bringing me food when the food in the hospital werent good,

 Thank you for the endless love.
And then I still remember when we teared with each other holding on to each other palm, when I was too scared to face everything, Thank you for lifting this spirit up for staying for still treating me the same. I can never explained how thamkful I was to be having someone who means this much.

I love every single get well soon gift cards balloon fruits everything and it made my day in there happier. thank you too for everyone else who came to visit. Making their way to the hospital that may causedso much trouble. thank you colleagues friends and probably the nurses there,x

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I dont know why I feel scared now, scared of losing you.
Would you come by and hug me tonight?
I need it so much.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Look at how time flies,ramadhan has arrived.
It is a month of reformation and self-reflection in our life.
It is also an opportunity to draw closer to Allah and seek forgiveness.
Insya Allah It will be a better Ramadhan for me my family for him and his family and to all Muslim members, friends to relatives.

Selamat Berpuasa.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Hi guys its me again.
I dont know where to start.

Let's go to my studies first, fortunately I did very well for my attachment. My kind-hearted boss scored me well, Alhamdullilah.
Some may take it like its a waste of time but for me no, I make new friends, friends that came from india and people who we taught that are poor but to me they are very rich with knowledge. Indeed they are very knowledgable in IT.
Looking at them actually make me realise how lucky I am to be having my life together with my family with me here. Like I dont go home without having my parents there.
Sometimes it isn't about them having quality time with you but knowing they are there already should enlightened us. We should be thankful enough,besides who else is there in our life besides our parents.
We all should learn to treasure what we have because we all tend to realise when its gone.
I count myself lucky knowing that some have to go thru so much hurdles and adapt to so much changes even when they don't enjoy them.
It feels like you're the only person going through so much and hoping for the days to goes by.
sometimes I feel that i'm here still taking things and opportunities for granted.
Over there,I too learned some things I may not even know, the littlest things that you  know you can add on to your knowledge.

Moving on I'm about to start school in less than a week and I hope i'll do well this semester to have a better GPA to pull up my 1st year. Since I haven't been doing well apart for my attachment. And i'm still here figuring what to do for my presentation.
 I'll probably getting my MBS schedule this month and again it's time to juggle school and work once again.
I hope mum could spare a thought for the little ones since I wont be picking up the qtiepie's  from school anymore.

Going on.....

Alhamdulillah life has been good, much more happier than before even when I feel that I lost so much people in my life,I realise that what you need most is obvious, your family and next comes who makes your life happy. In general,I'm not specifically saying friends aren't important, they are but only the ones who stayed, the one who accepts you, the one who've been there.
Not the one who simply want to be happy around you. and left for something happier or the one who least appreciate what you did for them.
Maybe karma's a bitch on me for always prioritizing on the wrong people but I''m still thankful for having my partner to hold onto me and making sure I don't have to go through this on my own.
It's really upsetting sometimes,how you are good to people and it has always been you trying to please them or maybe showing a strong front each time.
Nuff said.

Going on to love life, well I supposed I've been ranting on how caring& lovey my bf is to me.
Some may asked how sure you may go on with someone for long and in time to come,my answer will always be 'UNTIL YOU FALL IN LOVE, YOU"LL KNOW''s where you heart brings you and how it feels.

Rina Errianty.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Daddy's girl.

When you came across my mind, my heart shattered.
I wish you're still here, I wish that we could still go cyclnig together.
I wish I could follow you everywhere again.
I remembered how much you'll try your best to get what I want even when you dont wisht to spoil me as a kid daddy. I remembered how we ran out of money out of electricity and you'll find a way for it. I remembered when we stayed homeless cause you fought with mom and you'll bring me along, only me. I miss you so much. I've grown so much daddy I beg you to  come back and look at me. 

knowing that the haze comes from indonesia itself.
I hope so much that you'll be safe, please send him back please help him get back here.
I miss you and i'm tearing so much typing this.
Come home daddy.


Kau belai aku dengan cukup sayang dan bila perlu kau akan tetap ada untk aku.

It's hard to find someone who gives you his undivided attention.
He might be on training, but he still carries his phone everywhere with him to be there for his girl& for everytime that he got up his bunk all he wanna do is talk to his girl. Everyday w/o fail.
That besides his family all he could think of is you.
To stand up for this r/s, to still love you despite getting hurt.
Today, we fought infact we keep on fighting over 2-3days.
And sorry is simply a word when you did a mistake but for whatever that happens i'm truly sory.
Seeing you so upset, breaks me apart just now. I felt like I wasnt gd enuf in taking care of you :'(
You pull me back despite getting shouted at despite me putting down the phone.
It has always been you be it my mistake or yours.
From the bottom of my heart, i'm sorry I hate seeing you upset.
All I wanna do was to hug you all the way just now to touch your face and make sure you'll alright.
To comfort you to not let your tears fall on your cheek anymore.
I'm sorry haziq. I'm grateful for having you despite all those fights.
I'm really touched you came all the way with your army uniform with your bag your boots to my place to suprise me. When you know my plan to suprise you ruin the other night we fought.
I smiled from ear to ear seeing you on my doorstep.
I love you cupcake bodoo stupid babi xomel.

Yours truly,
Rina Errianty

Saturday, January 19, 2013

💕you more each day.

I do not know why It feels like I love you more when I use to not worry about who might be texting you calling you when i'm not around. The feeling just couldnt get any worse. I suddenly have trust issues. That's what I hate most when I get to attached with someone,I'll get afraid i'll lose them& I'll think so much about you hoping you'll always be by myside. I'm afraid I set too much freedom& i'm afraid I might be too hard on ya & both comes with its downfall.

Thats fr now.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

   Things may get worse and out of hands but may you be the candle that lights the world fr me. 
Goodnight, xoxo.